Start-up weekends, hackathons, tech meetings, investors day


Every year we organise events such as drinkaboutshackathonschallenges and showcases in collaboration with our sponsors.

Every year amazing people join us to make UCL the best place where new ideas can grow.

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Ann Chan

President  @annchanyt

Bad ass boss





Jerome Minney

Vice President  @jeromeminney

Crazy evil vegetarian

Nicola Greco

Vice President @nicolagreco

Handsome hacker

Sancheevan Karunanithy

Creative Director

Makes pretty things

Will Jones

Chairman  @willgdjones

The king of the kings

Fantasy Yap

Treasurer @fanfanyjs

Economic crisis escape goat

Kesang Ball

Marketing Director  @Kesang_ucle

I like grapefruit

Catalina Jugravescu

Events Director 

Mental illness doctor

Henry Moulton

Investment Director @HenryMoulton

Fresher 2.0

Amer Johal

Sponsorship Director 

I convince people

Nicole Chan

General Secretary 

Tristan Al-Shehab

Investment Team 

Joann Lyn Spadigam

Events Team 

Alfred Cheuk

Events Team 

Agnes Valencic

Marketing Team 



Basit Usman

Marketing Team 

Akgush Meredova

Creative Team

Tatiana Tsvetkova

Creative Team

Vendela Gambill

Creative Team

Leon Wee

Creative Team

Johnny Crowther

Katherine Lai

Laszlo de Brissac

Łukasz Osołkowski

Basit Usman

Marketing Team